Y10 2016/17


We are following the AQA Music GCSE Course Here is the specification for your information.


Here you will find the booklet for your differentiated homework tasks make sure you complete the ones suggested on your tracking sheet first then feel free to try the others for extra revision practice 🙂 Click the link Differentiated Listening Homeworks for AQA GCSE Music to open the attached file.

Here is the link for the extracts for listening homework’s Listening Extracts



Log onto www.teachinggadget.com and chose from the following quizzes to help with your listening exam revision.



Cadence Practice

Chord Identifier


UNIT 1: Listening and Appraising

Struggling to recognise instruments in Listening papers? Use this website to see what different instruments sound like:

Instrument Sounds



Here are the PowerPoints we used in class:

Baroque Orchestral Music

Music For Voices




Here is your Revision Guide for your listening test. GCSEMusicRevisionGuide this gives you some helpful pointers and ‘educated guesses’.

Here is the link to Bitesize http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/music/ for revision you should find this very useful.



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