Welcome to a New Year Everyone ~ A few pieces of info to get you started:

  • Rehearsals begin again W/C 14 September so check the relevant pages for updates.
  • Don’t forget to look on Soundcloud to check out your performance pieces from lessoons, remember to look for music@staindrop.

Homework Help!!

Visit the homework page for help with your music theory homework you will find lots of useful resources to support you with each exercise.


If you are interested in playing guitar go to the instrumental page and fill out a registration form – as we can now offer lessons.


Welcome to your Music Department Website

You will find a page for each class – find yours for details of all the work you’re doing in your music classes, including homework and practical work in progress.

You will also find pages for the extra curricular groups that are running at the moment as well as for your instrumental lessons.



45 responses to “Home

  1. I am really enjoying music so far especially using the keyboards because we get to learn new songs and work with our friends.


  2. Hi guys I love playing the piano its the only time I get to play the piano! Everyone in my class is appsalottaly amazing. Can’t spell!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  3. Folk music is great love playing on the keyboard because you can get to play different music with your friends


  4. MUSIC IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! and this page is very useful. how come guitar lessons don’t exists because I would really like to play the guitar.


  5. I really like this page I think it is very useful for everyone to help them with there homework and there is stuff on there to help you learn stuff at home


  6. i think this website is really cool because you can find out what the keys out on the piano or something like that and it can help you with your homework


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